Principle Centered Financial Services Inc. is focused on providing you sound financial solutions to your current needs.  Below are a few of Winson's seminar presentations.  For more information and explanation of each topic, select from the PCFS Solutions list on the right side of this page to view its entirety.
Long Term Care
  • There are 3 Stages to Long Term Care:  Retirement Home, Home Care and Facility Care.
  • Retirement Home - At this first stage of assisted living, a person is still active and can do most things.  It is not paid by government but by the person going there.
  • Home Care - Alberta Health Services coordinates home care in Edmonton.  Services can range from grocery shopping, house work, companionship, cleaning, cooking and bathing.
  • Facility Care - Referred to by a doctor or a case manager.  Choice of private or semi-private rooms.
  • Learn how Long Term Care Insurance can help pay for your care .... Read More
Government Benefits and System of Retirement Payout
  • When we consider retirement we need to take into account government benefits:  Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS) and Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS).
  • Anyone who worked in Canada before age 60 and subsequently retired and who has contributed to CPP will be entitled to a lifetime income.  When should you take your CPP?
  • To qualify for OAS - You must be living in Canada and be 65 or older, be a Canadian citizen or legal resident and have resided in Canada for at least 40 years after turning 18.
  • The government can help you with GIS if your income is very small.  You are eligible for GIS for you qualify for OAS at 65 and have been living in Canada for more than 10 years.
  • There are two types of Retirement Planning:  Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) and Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA).  Which is better?  For Investments, you can have annuities, guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefits (GMWB) for income.
RISK - The True Four Letter Word
  • One of the first key factors when we talk to your financial advisors is RISK tolerance.  What would happen if we neglect some or all of the risks?  What would happen if we have a better handle on risk?  The most common risk factors are:.
  • Investment Risk - Investment losses due to volatility in the stock market
  • Inflation Risk - Lose purchasing power.  Get higher stable returns elsewhere.
  • Liquidity Risk - Cannot sell when you want to.  Accessing cash when we need it.
  • Longevity Risk - Outliving your money is a retirees worst nightmare
  • Learn more about your risk factors and how to obtain financial peace of mind .... Read More
Retirement Basics - How Much Is Enough?
  • How much is enough?  A question all pre-retirees ask.  The answer really depends on what standard of living one wants.
  • There are Four Basic Levels:  Replacement consumption (35%), Retire with contingency included (50%), Retire with lifestyle adjustments (70%), Comprehensive (100%+)
  • Questions to Ask yourself:
  • Am I giving myself a raise every few years?
  • Do I have a Long Term Care plan?
  • Do I have an Estate Plan or arrangement concerning my kids?
  • What am I doing to reduce taxes?
  • Let Winson help answer some of these questions for you .... Read More
Aging Issues
  • There are Three Stages to Old Age:  Golden Age (60 - 75), Sedentary Age (75 - 85) and Final Old Age (85 - End).
  • Issues that arises as you age:  Retirement Fund, Home Care, Long Term Care, Health, Relationships, Faith, Death.
  • Winson is a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging, contact him to discuss .... Read More
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Long Term Care

Government Benefits and System of Retirement Payout

RISK - The True Four Letter Word

Retirement Basics - How Much Is Enough?

Aging Issues

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